Federal Policy Dignity

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The example that now can be followed is a light in the advent of justice in favor of the native land. The episode of the governor of the Federal District, unhappyly, is not newness in our country, but she is necessary that the people has voice and practical time in the judicial one. Justice is protected to all, mainly, when the problem reflects directly in the social life. Being thus, the attitude of the OAB places the people in evidence in the fight for the national dignity. The attitude of the OAB and the militancies that conduct the right in Brazil, ahead of the evidenced ethical degradation in the episodes of the government of the Federal District, translates the importance of a professional corporation in the duty to protect and to define the routes politicians of a nation. Of this form, the entities that watch over for the good of the civil society, without a doubt, are indispensable instruments for the institution of democratic societies, so that they become with that the administrative machine can be moved of more agile form.

Many of the classroom institutions that represent the civil society organized, do not obtain to eliminate the paper of the social organizations that are capable of astronomical mobilizations for the confrontation of questions concerning facts as of corruption them governments and or of threats to the social rights. The people has dignity and needs people who see this dignity of sufficiently transparent form so that citizenship is protected of males that they can be provoked by managers without social commitments. That the example left for the OAB is followed by other entities and organizations, so that, not only the dignity, but the rights of the people are assured. The moment, now, is to present for the population that the impostures practised for the public personalities are punished with severity and that the arrest of the governor of the Federal District, is not object of maneuvers to soften future dirts. She is necessary to believe Federal Policy e, mainly, in the Brazilian justice that, certainly, can delay, but never to lack.

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