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The educational personnel, of security and monitoring will have the responsibility to make fulfill the established thing with the present code according to the following procedure: a. To the students and the administrative personnel. Stated lack, will ask for to the presumed violator its identity card to him must have that it with himself, This document will be sent to the pertinent authority so that it describes the case. Yes it would give rise to sanction will be applied the established thing to the norms. 11. Lack for the educational, administrative personnel and pupils generally are considered the following: Not to carry identity card (Fotocheck), to commit acts of indiscipline or lack of respect during the civic acts.

To commit acts that attempt against the moral. By illicit appropriation. To cause damages that attempt with the patrimony and conservation of the infrastructure of the National University of PiurOtros. The sanctions are applied to the educational, administrative personnel and pupils according to the Regulation of the National University of Piura and to the Law of the Labor Regime to which we belong. For the qualification and application of the present Code of University Ethics, for the administrative case of personnel the sanctions will be executed by the Central office of Administration of Personnel and for the case of educational and students a Court of Honor will form; the same that will be conformed: By the Dean, and/or by represents whom it.

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