Exidy Sorcerer

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The Sorcerer is one of the first home computers, released by the company Exidy games in 1978 (other sources speak of 1977. Is comparatively more advanced than its competitors, Commodore PET and Tandy TRS-80, but due to a number of problems including lack of marketing, is relatively unknown.
The Sorcerer is the first computer to use ROM cartridges. Basically it is a team of S-100 bus (as Altair) keyboard in a box, which integrates video card and the cassette port. The S-100 bus is presented as a ribbon connector 50-pin, which can be set directly Floppy units (first possible extension), using an auxiliary box (Expansion Unit, with six slots and a cost of S100 419) or use a combo of 12-inch monitor, two floppy drives for expansion and box (Video / Disk, with a price of 2995 ).
Exidy distributed in the USA (a company Dynasty Computer Corp Dallas, Texas, obtained a license to market it as a smart-ALEC Dynasty, the name by which is also known), while CompuData distributed in Europe, which gets better results. Following the bankruptcy of Exidy, CompuData distribution continues until it is discontinued. Over time CompuData renamed Tulip (like the team that replaces the Sorcerer in their factories), which is known for its PCs and especially for having done well with the rights of the Commodore brand. Distributed in Australia Dick Smith Electronics and the Sorcerer Computer Users Group of Australia (SCUA) still supporting the team with expansion cards 80 columns, increases memory and CPU accelerators.

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