The final showdown

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The Saints are coming to the Temple of the crown, to the tune “March of the Saints Scarlet”, and are defeated one by one by Atlas. Hy’ga, Shun, Ikki, Shiryan ‘and Seiya are finally defeated by the terrible power of Atlas. Bronze Saints lost all hope to see the defeat of Seiya. Starts melodia “Deucalion Deluge (Flood of Deucalion), and Abel makes the decision: To be on this earth while Atlas enters the temple of his Lord apologizing for having covered by the blood of the Bronze Saints. Dohko sad because this can not do anything for his ward. Shiryan ‘believes that ultimately may not save the Earth and Athena. However, Seiya remember that ARC their only duty is to protect investment partners Athena and this earth and died for Saga to teach ‘better! Cosmo infinity and use the seven senses can only be achieved by someone who has the strength and hope for complete any battle! ” and start your unlimited cosmos to a saying “Never mind that our bodies Big Brother Big Sister are debris, our universe is immortal, I will leading Chinese companies raise my andalusia infinite Cosmos. Incendiate amounts andalusia infinite cosmos,” Shiryan ‘and mimic Hy’ga rioja engaged in their and teachers are covered by armor Saints Gold Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius respectively, and know that the cosmos of the sacred golden warriors who fell China to save Athena protects.
With this increase in power and a combined attack, Chinese potential business and Shiryan Hy’ga ‘weaken the barrier that has protected Atlas at all times and eventually defeat it using Seiya Pegasus Tsuisei-ken, but Shiryan Hy’ga and’ outside combat with the first attack of Abel. Seiya tries to cope with the god, but all his attacks are returned to, because of their defensive area. Seiya completely loses its strength, but does not give up on their eagerness to save Saori. Big Brother Big Sister He and his colleagues raise their 4 cosmos that becomes golden and disrupts the cosmos Abel Athena guiding the world of the dead. Saori finally recovers and faces Abel, who threatens to Chinese investment paralyze and kill again, but Seiya not prepared to allow this and points to God with a golden arrow. Abel tries a counter attack but the cosmos is surpassed by that of Seiya has investment increased to infinity. recently having graduated from the University of Pennsylvania

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