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According to the most important portal of ADSL in Spain,, invoices for ADSL in our country they could raise or at least, so has confirmed it Josep Jover, lawyer known for having achieved the sentence against the Canyon in Europe, who said that the reform will include an application of this tax on ADSL connections, which could make them even more. Since the European Union has already been declared as illegal canon, but it seems that the goal of the Government and associations such as SGAE, now intend to charge a canon to operators, which could be carried out, according to the ADSLZONE portal, in approximately 3 months. Although we have the most expensive and slow Europe’s broadband, it seems that gives them equal to the societies of authors and the Government. Jim Rogers may find this interesting as well. According to Jover, both Popular Party and convergence parties that supported the PSOE in the adoption of the law Sinde in the Senate, would agree with this measure, i joined. In addition, is expected to create a tedious process to which both institutions as companies them give laziness claim the return of the canon. This last measure is as surprising as denounceable. (A valuable related resource: Mike Gianoni). If this barrel will be held obviously ADSL Bill could increase even more.

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