Empuries Costa Brava

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On the Costa Brava, with beautiful views front of the sea, are the important ruins of Empuries, one of the most important in the world that leave constancy of classical civilization. Ampurias, which officially has the name of Empuries, in Catalonia, Empuries was a Greek and Roman city located in the northeast of the Iberian peninsula, in the Girona region of Alt Emporda. Its name means port of trade and in latin was called Emporiae. It was founded in 575 BC by colonists from Phocaea as commercial enclave in the Western Mediterranean. It was later occupied by the Romans, but the city was abandoned in the high middle ages, except the core of San Martin de Ampurias, which is still populated today.

Ampurias archaeological sites found on the Gulf of roses, in the municipality of L’Escala (Girona) and are one of the most important Greek remnants of Spain. The area is comprised of a sunken plain pass through where the rivers Ter and Fluvia. Is not a question of a single core but three differentiated: old, Neapolis and Roman city. Saint Martin of Ampurias. this small village belongs to the municipality of scale, and is the original core of this last population.

It is located 200 metres to the North of the archaeological site of Ampurias, on the remains of the Palaiopolis, the first nucleus of the colony of phocaea and is, therefore, the direct heir of the ancient city of Empuries. In the 4th century BC some Greeks from Phocaea created the first colony in Empuries in the current San Martin de Ampurias, which was then an island connected by a narrow Isthmus to the Mainland by aqule. This colony was later moved to the Mainland and was renamed the first colony Palaiopolis. This, although it lost importance, never abandoned completely and, with the decline of the Roman Empire from the 3rd century, returned to be occupied as a main nucleus.

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