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One of the latest craft techniques, which quickly took on a lot of popularity, the decoupage. This enables virtually all objects, whether to transform textiles, flower pots, furniture or decorations, very quickly into a true art – unique. Napkins, which are used in this technique, are ordinary commercial paper napkins. Most are printed on the napkins beautiful colorful motifs, which makes them very interesting for the hobbyist. The manufacturers have also switched to this trend and offer crafts napkins and napkin collectors. The theme napkins are available in different sizes and designs to virtually any Anlas, starting with family events like birthdays, Christmas and Easter than cute classic goose, angel motifs and farm up to quite modern Africa – motives. The craft technique with the napkins always evolving. At the beginning of the motifs were pasted on smooth solid surfaces with a special lacquer. According to application, the surface is waterproof.Later, the industry come up with an adhesive substance, which allowed the motifs applied to textiles. This direction, however, remains not very common. The latest development is the 3D napkins – technology. There are several ways to achieve a 3D effect. Usually it takes two napkins to with the same motive. After the first layer, which should be emphasized, is a lot of paint, modeling clay, etc. and then the second napkin. There also will be offered for Z. 3D napkins arches that allow draufkleben have different emphasis on individual areas without a second napkin. Another interesting idea is to set the motives behind the glass surfaces. This napkin is affixed to the back of a glass object, such as plate, with the motive to the surface, so that the image seen through the glass.

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