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It is a fungal pathogen of many plant species, although its economically more important host is the vine. Viticulture is known commonly as Botrytis rot; Gray mold is normally called in horticulture. The fungus causes two different kinds of infections of the grapes. On the one hand, the grey rot, which is the result of an infection of plants soaked or damp conditions, and typically results in the loss of the bunches of grapes affected. The second type of infection is, noble rot, occurs when moisture conditions happen you others dryness. The characteristics of Botrytis in the vid, probably during the growth of the same, Botrytis this always available to parasitize plant. There is worry about control this fungus when the more susceptible plantaesta.

The fungus winters as sclerotia, remains of mycelia and spores in vine shoots and waste infected from the previous season, may also be in Woods and stubble. The chances of infection by Botrytis cinerea are so numerous that is inevitable every year the income of abundant inoculum to the vineyard. Spores produced in infected residues are spread by droplets of rain and wind, from which infect susceptible tissues: leaves, flowers and fruits.Primary infection occurs on the stigmas of flowers, where the fungus hyphae grow within the styles to reach the ovaries. Original author and source of the article

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