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Verifier the conformity of the merchandise with the legal requirements in vigor in the Republic of Angola, nominated in terms of monitoring and etiquetagem. To verify the state and adequateness of the packing. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jonah Bloom offers on the topic.. To supply to additional information classification and customs valuation. To mark the Inspection After to have received the Form from the Order of Daily pay-Embarkment Inspection, the exporter is free to choose and to mark the date of inspection throughout the six months of useful life of the PIP. The marking will have of being efectuada with, at least, three working days of antecedence (alnea b), art. 18, DEC.

Executive 124/06, relatively to the intended date of inspection in the Entities Certifiers or sending the form for marking of the inspection duly filled, for fax or email. In any of the cases, it will have to be annexed List of Embalagem (LE) respective. LE – List of Packing? Requirements to fulfill? To mention the accurate content of each volume in terms of the type and amount of each item. The mention of lots, dates of production is indispensable and validities for alimentary and pharmaceutical products. To mention the weight of each volume and the all up weight. The individual identification of each volume will have to be only.

Two different volumes must not have the same identification. Comment: In the cases where is asked for simultaneous inspection for some PIP? s, will have to be sent a LE (List of Packing) for PIP. Also they could be sent, in the act of the marking of the inspection, elements of comparison of prices, namely and among others: Proposals of suppliers. Quotations. Tables of Prices for Exportation. Listings of prices for the domestic market, or any other excellent elements for the justification of the declared values. Catalogues the marking of n. total of volumes. Especificidades? Alimentary and Chemical: Pesagem 5% of the units, verifying net weight (Attached I and Annex IV, DEC.

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