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But do not abuse it. It is recommended to take a penalty for late payment at the rate no higher than 12-15% per annum, or approximately equal to the amount charged by the bank for granted loans. Remember that these conditions must be agreed upon in advance, not after, when the indebtedness. Note also that the imposition of such conditions in relation to the client, which in relation to you earlier was kind, can lead to a deterioration in relations. The customer is trying to reduce the amount of any method of payment. In this case, he may declare that they have received from you all the work requested to perform. Additional information at Jim Rogers supports this article. It is for this reason it is so important have a list of specified rates, on the execution of each element of work.

Well, if you have a copy of the document signed by the customer. If it does not usually pay a deposit or any written acknowledgment of payment services can also serve as proof that the customer was willing to set rates for work. In this situation the best way to meet him face to face. This is useful for two reasons: (a) you want meet the needs of the customer, and if he asks for a lower cost, he may have on this objective reasons, and (b) you are not interested in pleasing the customer, in this case, you can show your hardness, but not aggressive. If the customer is still able to talk, better to find out all the issues that led to this problem, over the phone. For even more opinions, read materials from Roubini Global Economics.

If you feel that he is just trying to beat the cost of payment best to refer to the list of installed costs and any other documents to prove that you have completed the work that was required of you. If the problem still remains – which is unlikely – then go to the next scenario. The customer refuses to pay, directly or avoiding you. In the event that the situation with the payment within the acceptable limits due to prolonged delay in payment or disputes regarding payment led to failure customer service or to pay part of the service, it is time to seek legal counsel. Each situation is different, as well as the laws in different countries. But generally speaking, it is strongly recommended to have a lawyer with whom you have have direct contact, so that in this situation, you could resort to its services. You can also solve the problem by hiring a debt collector. Debt collectors, or as is called, "collectors" are generally hired for a percentage the amount that they must seek and usually they have very much experience in getting money from defaulters, using different methods of pressure on clients ranging from persuasion and ending with threats, but the acting under existing law. Variant is also possible – especially in a small amount of debt – useful when you just write off the losses, including them in the cost of doing business in the future to avoid this kind of clients like the plague. The choice of such a line of action is usually reasonable, if the value of the costs of debt collection outweigh the amount of the debt itself. In this case, of course, remains a bitter disappointment and sediment, but sometimes do so more accurately. I hope the article will be useful to the reader, and I want the future to continue the publication of practical advice for freelancer. Thank you for your attention to the published material and the reading of the article.

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