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The snow level is the minimum altitude at which precipitation of a place are in the form of snow. Below this altitude the rain is in the form of rain. This level varies depending on the season one place and depends on temperature, moisture and wind. The highest temperature for the precipitation is as snow varies between 0 and 5 C, although there have been exceptional cases where it has snowed C to 11th, largely due to a very low moisture level.
In a temperate climate in which there are large differences in temperatures between summer and winter, the snow peaks of difference between these two stations can be 3000 meters apoximadamente. However, the level varies much less snow in polar regions and between the two tropics. In polar regions the snow level usually at sea level and in warm climates this level is located at about 5000 meters.

De Telegraaf Cincinnati
Those who enjoyed the recent hot weather should not forget that February and still more snow on its way.
Times Herald
The National Weather Service is forecasting snow after 1 hour with a low around 30. Accumulation of one to three centimeters possible. Wind from the south / southeast 15 km / h with gusts as high as 22 mph.
Sheboygan Press
If you were expecting to wake up to 6 inches of snow this morning, you are probably quite surprised by the sloppy mess out.
Party People’s Daily
All outgoing highways were closed Thursday in Hebei, a northern province surrounding Beijing, after heavy snow fell overnight. The provincial road traffic police center said that all highways by route and Hebei to Beijing had to be closed because of icing. Hebei got its first heavy snow of the year begin Wednesday. The provincial weather bureau said the snow, with a cold …

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