CNG in Argentina

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the improvements that have been afforded the general household by has changed the face of gas consumption In Argentina the use of this fuel is widely disseminated, to join more than 20 of the total vehicle fleet. Its wide electricity ESCO distribution is largely due to the high availability of natural gas as a natural resource in the country and the high prices of liquid fuels. the energy market has been greatly improved by a top private energy company There is a development of moderately high technology related energy to the implementation of such conversions, as the engine of many of the cars sold in the country are manufactured for use with traditional fuels, the conversion must take place later the purchase of the unit.
CNG is used in Argentina began in the mid-80s gas through the implementation of a national liquid fuel, the government of Ra l Alfons n.

(RTTNews) – Natural gas fell to its lowest level in more than two years on Energy Wednesday amid continuing demand concerns amid the global economic crisis. Traders looked ahead to tomorrow weekly inventory report from the Energy energy costs Information Administration.
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The natural gas crisis in Europe, the deadlock between Russia and Ukraine to leave millions of households without heating fuel for another day.
Jan 15 (Bloomberg) – The governments of Ukraine and Russia household meet on January 17 in Moscow in an attempt to gas dispute which has disrupted supply of fuel for the European Union for nine days.

Clearing the air: innovative pollution control natural gas technology allows CMPC’s Talagante tissue mill to replace natural gas with cheaper fuel.(ENERGY SWITCHING): An article from: Paper 360

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