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We all have things to tell the world, and that is why many of us have our own blogs. But perhaps we want to translate our ideas and thoughts so privately, thus opting for Penzu.

In Penzu we open up our personal diary on the Internet in which, unlike blogs, all the things we commenting through the various entries, are private. Even so, you might want to share an entry in particular, which offers us this possibility for contacts who want to accede to that particular post, entering their email addresses, which will receive a special link to their access.

For the rest because we have a simple system based on a virtual sheet, in which we write down everything you want, allowing us to upload pictures to introduce our system, being JPEG, PNG and GIF formats supported, provided they do not exceed the 5 MB in size. But the miniatures of these images are within the margin of the virtual sheet.
In addition, as we create posts, we will create for your bookmarks, so that allows us to access, and talking about access, we can block access to certain entries, which will establish the necessary passwords, we must use to re – access these blocked entrances.
If we can print our entrances where they are already completed, but we must also stress that as we write, on a regular basis will be saving changes.
Simple and useful to those wishing to have their trunk of secrets on the Internet.

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