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Line Fall / Winter 05 is centered in the categories of race, gym and swimming, and represents a unique fusion of style and performance. Stella McCartney explains: “There is a clear need for women’s sportswear to be attractive at the same time. At this point we should not have to give the design to achieve a good performance.” Within the major categories, the new collection expands its coverage to outdoor activities such as racing and mountain climbing. The creative director of Adidas International, Michale Michalsky, says: “This range aims to take women seriously, with its individualism and its desire to find clothes that provide style, and performance. If you would like to know more then you should visit Richard Gerson. We have created uns Autumn / Winter collection which does not limit women to indoor training sessions. ” The European collection Fall / Winter includes a wide range of products of textile, footwear and accessories.

From the technical point of view, very special highlight tissues and products Clima365 (ClimWarm: ensures thermal insulation and ClimProof: ensures weather protection) for clothing and footwear. Warm colors like pink and gray female, pearl green and copper are combined with original details in contrasting colors like turquoise and beige. Adidas and Stella McCartney have worked closely together to ensure the success of the merger of its various specialties. This is a long-term cooperation in order to cover a greater number of areas of competitive sport in the future. This Autumn / Winter collection you can find the centers exclusively on English Court of Madrid, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Malaga, Zaragoza and Valencia.

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