DMMA 2009: F_BOX Picture Shooter Excellent

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Mackevision receives German multimedia award 2009 Stuttgart, which will be awarded June 11, 2009 – German multimedia Award (DMMA) since 1996 for outstanding online, offline, and terminal applications are examples of the innovation and performance of the interactive media. Organizers of the frame event of German multimedia Congress (DMMK) are the MFG Baden-Wurttemberg location promotion agency, as well as the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW). That year’s award the prestigious awards in ten categories was the motto the move\”, what should be understood as leaving – and modernizing signal in times of crisis. Submitted and evaluated by the jury were a total of 300 posts of 125 agencies, service providers and clients. In the area of e-commerce the jury of Macke vision media design GmbH awarded for the revolutionary Web application F_BOX picture shooter the single award.

Easy to use tool belongs to the F_BOX family of products placed just on the market of the Stuttgart-based CGI specialists. It is not only in Quality and speed of implementation of new standards, but allows significant cost savings by simplifies the previously complex, time-consuming CGI image creation process and accelerates. At the same time the picture shooter offers the full creative spectrum of a CGI production and therefore returns the creative process in the hands of the creative. Shooter with the F_BOX picture users, without long training period or 3D-Vorkenntnisse, can generate based on recycled product data easily and cost effective photo-real 3D visualizations even. A software installation is not necessary, because the Web service can be controlled from any computer via a Web browser. Image creation the user selects such a vehicle and the background, positioned the vehicle, controls the camera position and inclination in the room and determine focal length and image. The settings are the same as a real shooting, but eliminates these traditional restrictions by location, weather, light, transportation etc.

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