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Cheese Arepas de Bogota (Colombia) (10 Arepas) historical review: have a pleasant memory of the Colombian arepas, particularly Bogota arepas with cheese whose mass is enriched with the addition of milk, butter and sugar in addition to knead with warm water and having as fundamental characteristic that the cheese is put before cooking, when mass wheels or disks are becoming. Our unconditional friend Esperanza D Antonio native of Colombia and a good friend, always invites us to eat these cheese arepas prepared by his mother, Mrs. Maria Teresa de Almonacid 79 years of age, every time I lady comes to visit Miami. From the first time we ate them we became fanatics, our children also and now want to share the recipe so you can enjoy it. Ingredients for the dough: 2 pounds of White maize flour precooked 2 cups warm water 3 cups warm milk 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons of butter salt to taste 2 pounds of white cheese paisa cut into 1-inch long pieces by quarter wide preparation of the dough: in a bowl, put the flour, the sugar and the salt; Add whole milk and water, while mixing with the other hand when the dough is some consistency, gradually incorporate butter and knead well, gently until it is firm, smooth, homogeneous mixture and smooth leave stand by one 4 to 5 minutes divide dough in small balls to medium-sized smaller than the fist of the hand – then take one of the balls and flatten to shape into a disc or wheel; with alternate clapping of one hand against the other, is molding a wheel of mass; Once ready, always in circular motion, until you achieve the desired thickness; set aside on a plate.

Take another ball and repeat the same procedure; When the disk is ready, grab a few pieces of cheese and put it in the center of the wheel; place the other wheel on top, so the cheese to cover. Finally the two wheels sticking, until forming the arepa filled with cheese, passing through the edge fingers slightly dampened in water to give curved shape and at the same time close. Repeat all the above procedure with the rest of the mass hot over high heat the budare, or failing the iron, place arepas until they acquire some Browning on both sides. Presentacion de el Plato: accompany with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee with milk mixing well so that serving you see foam.

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