What gives you GDI

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Domain. WAS: Secure a place on the Internet for their personal space or your company with a domain name. 10 Email Boxes: These days everyone has an email, but rarely is personal. Get an e-mail, personal or professional, that is truly unique, with its own domain name.Access these fields with our new interface Email.ws! SiteBuilder: Building a Web site in a new domain is easy. Simply use our new version of SiteBuilder. We continue to improve daily! Web Hosting: Use your own software to configure your website. You only have to use an FTP program to upload this information to our servers. (100 MB of space) Redirect URL: If someone already has a site, you can redirect your domain to appear to have two sites! Income Opportunity: You can earn extra cash just by referring other Products and Services GDI. Support and training online. GDI provides support and training so that you can get the most out of your business.

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