Week 18 Paper

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NAI: 363 LINE OF ACTION: Water and chemicals WEEK: 18 SHAFT THEME: Acids and Bases ACTIVITIES: Teacher’s Day REGION: Pasco CATEGORY: Engineering (Materials Bioengineering) Consumption of Vitamin K to reduce osteoporosis in the Masters of the Pasco Region OBJECTIVES: – Consume vitamin k to reduce osteoporosis in Pasco Teachers VARIABLES: Independent: Consumption of vitamin K Clerk: Decreased osteoporosis SUMMARY: This week the NAI 363 ha made the subject of chemical equilibrium axis, the Piura region, activity the International Day of Cooperatives. Vitamin K is known for her participation in blood clotting.Participates in the hepatic synthesis of several proteins that control blood clotting and are called clotting factors, including prothrombin. It is for this reason that the main criteria established for assessing appropriate levels of vitamin K is the maintenance of plasma concentrations of prothrombin within normal parameters. But the functions of vitamin K beyond blood clotting. Spoke in bone metabolism, and that osteocalcin, a specific protein of bone matrix, requires vitamin K for their maturation. The recommended daily amount of vitamin K is covered by the consumption of foods rich in it. It is also available through the synthesis of intestinal bacteria that make the chemical. Several studies show that there is a statistically significant relationship between low levels of vitamin K and osteocalcin, and various bone problems.It has even been reported that supplementation of vitamin K reduces the risk of fractures and bone mineral density remains in case of osteoporosis. In this sense, the scientific journal ‘Journal of bone and mineral metabolism’ has recently published a Japanese study conducted by the Kobe Pharmaceutical University, whose objectives were to evaluate the association between plasma phylloquinone (vitamin K1) or menaquinone ( K2) and bone mineral density or fracture incidence in Japanese women. Every July 6th is celebrated across the country the “Teacher’s Day” as a tribute to all teachers to fulfill their true commitment academic work guides. This celebration entered the Peruvian civil calendar in 1953 during the government of General Odria. The date chosen was July 6 because on 6 July 1882, Don Jos de San Mart n created the first Normal School for Boys in order to improve the quality of public education. Teacher is seen as the person who is able to transmit his teachings, experiences and values to his disciples and / or students. They are professionals whose aim is trusted delivery of education in our country. Relation: The relationship with the central theme that is acids and bases is that vitamin K it contains mineral salts. The relationship with activity is that teachers with this disease can not provide a good education. The relationship with the region is that some people have the disease of osteoporosis is why I propose the Vitamin K. HYPOTHESIS: The consumption of vitamin K can decrease the incidence of osteoporosis in Pasco teachers in the region. EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE: The study involved 379 healthy women aged 30 to 88 years, mean age of 63.It was noted that the incidence of vertebral fractures was significantly higher (14.4 ) in women with lower plasma levels of vitamin K1 compared with 4.2 of females with higher levels of this vitamin.

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