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Today we believe that slavery was abolished, but is this true? from my point of view NO, because only need look as companies operate in our country and the world, slavery was only a turn in his form of expression, as before, a slave living at home with their owners in exchange for food, shelter, etc. Today I pay for you to buy these things, but then returned on time and on the days indicated and there if you dare to fail, because your payment is in danger of ceasing to exist. Is not this similar to slavery, because today you can not choose the house you buy, the vehicle you drive, where you go on vacation, because all these things are decided by your boss for you, according to the salary they pay you, and even sometimes decide whether or not you can be in your child’s birthday, the awards daughter’s school, your Lord when you anniversary, well decide everything for you, although we do appear to be different.

But we can deal with this, I think we can do much, if we are willing to take life in our hands and walk out with all the strength of our hearts to seek those dreams we had one day and now we have hidden thinking that can not be met. We begin by studying the concept of “Financial Freedom”, which invites us to return the control of our lives. People usually are afraid of the word “investment” because we believe it is for us than for people without much money, and let me tell you that nothing is further from the truth than that, since the investment always begin as small ideas, small business, yet not afraid lest they “buy in 24 or 36 installments of a Plasma,” or card stores, which definitely makes us less free and more slaves. To change our lives, we who must change first, are little things, little behaviors and little sparks of new information, which create a truly new world for those who come out to look. Life is much more than monotonous work, only sadness and concerns, life is what you want it to be.

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