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For several years the market of the hairstyle trends is divided into several camps. On the one hand, the short hair cut, just announced the chin-length bob like Victoria Beckham, now for over one years very much. He stressed narrower faces and the eyes very well, is in a hot summer, probably the most pleasant and hair shows in every situation of style and taste. With this trend it is always correct. On the other hand, the demand for extensions will not be returning. Women often want at least shoulder-length hair, if they opt for hair extensions. Long, thick hair is one of many symbols of the new trends of femininity. Whether with or without a pony, straight or curly, flowing hair for men is always an attractive focal point. Longer hair in the summer just to emphasize the bare skin of shoulder or backless tops and dresses. Especially nice are slightly falling curls this season, because they emphasize a summery freshness and also always show a pretty, youthful touch of the wearer. SmoothHair style, however, is always a guarantee. Flat gefhnte hairstyles always emphasize an elegant chic and also considered as an adequate equivalent of an updo. Also with regard to the choice of colors Trendfrisuren 2007 are no limits. Whether natural colors, such as ash blonde, chestnut-red or brown or hazel eye-catcher, such as pink, white-blond or plum-black. Everything is possible and everything is in, because the trend towards individuality – away from the universal look. The hairstyle trends this year are so diverse and thus offer great opportunities for all requests, to be realized. And who is not so brave attempts at artificial hair extensions and hair dye, they are not quite so definitive.

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