Translation Services Market

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Translation services market shows steady growth in recent years. However, despite this, he leaves much to be desired. The reason for this, the recent emergence of Ukrainian traditions of translation. At that time, as the culture of the translation market in Western countries, evolved over decades, in Ukraine a modern translation of the market began to take shape only in the early 90's. Let us consider the basic stages of its development: 1990 1998g.g. – In this period appear the first translation companies, competition is low, there is no information about the market. 1998 – 2004 gg – Formed by large companies, the market expands and becomes more transparent. 2004 – 2009.

– Increased competition. Companies continue to grow. Forecast: Growth translation market by 20% per year. Of course, the reasons for the dynamic development of the translation market is globalization, world trade and output of companies into new markets, market development of high technology and outsourcing, result of which companies send work to a professional translation companies. All types of translation services offered can be divided into four groups: 1.Tehnichesky transfer 68% 2.lokalizatsiya sites and Software 20% 3.perevod audio and video materials 5% 4.ustny perevod7% most popular language for writing and for the interpretation is English. Eastern and sparse language is a small popular, but the translation services in these languages are the most expensive, because few experts in these languages. Despite the development of the market, the cost of services on the Ukrainian market is very different from European standards, where 50 – 70 USD considered the norm for a standard page, whereas with us, it rarely exceeds 10 U.S. dollars, and in the present circumstances, when the Office reduce the cost of services, the cost of translation of one standard page can be about $ 5

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