Tom Ritchey

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Tom Ritchey is a welder designer and manufacturer of bicycles and parts, as well as founder of the brand of Ritchey components and chassis, (racks or tables as often called, the support structure of the bicycles). It is also experienced bicycle rider, mostly mountain, also called Mountain Bikes. Tom had the opportunity to be a pioneer, along with a few other figures of the era (1988) and Joe Murray, Joe ball Breeze, Gary Fisher and Mike Sinyard of the explosion and spread of the emerging industry of mountain biking. Tom Ritchey has been creating mountain bike frame from the late 70’s. Most have been his racks of alloy steel of the highest quality, but also Reynold or Tange, has produced chassis tubes made of an alloy of aluminum and titanium, as well as chassis parts with carbon and titanium. Tom soldier with autogenous chassis abs mass for Gary Fisher and Charlie Company of MountainBikes although Tom Kelley then I think his own company and chassis components of the Mark Ritchey Logic. The chassis components and Ritchey are considered the best in quality and craftsmanship. The remains a major innovator in the design and engineering of the bike. His designs always have the characteristic of being extremely effective, strong light and sober, .. as a workout sign of a very solid philosophy cyclist … Ritchey each piece, we could say, is an example of honesty and good work and a little part of it is Tom. One of his most notable recent designs is the “Breakaway stomach Bike,” a bike paths as competing to be shipped in a standard suitcase for easy transport. there are lots ways to use the offers what you need to get those abs happening Tom is known for his thick mustache and friendly smile.
“My bike is my office” – Tom Ritchey

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