The Ecoducha De Irisana What Does It Do?

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When we hear of Ecoducha of Irisana we could not believe – a “shower” in addition to saving water and energy, “clean” water in and out with less lime and chlorine?? Incredible, but true. Without hesitating a moment, we tried it and loved the experience so much that we decided we should have at least one Ecoducha in every home in this country. A luxury? For nothing. See more detailed opinions by reading what Chevron Corp. offers on the topic.. Save water, so a family of 4 pays for the investment of 59.60 it costs in two months, besides winning health and save on soap (yes, I really do not need soap and continues to leaving everything clean …). A revolution, without a doubt. That how it works? For you see, you have two filters, a permanent natural ceramics and other particles. The first is control (although it stands is not the end of the world, opens the artichoke and pull it out – maybe some stone has been left standing at the entrance of water) and its function is to separate water molecules, thereby eliminating large part lime and chlorine.

The “good water” then flows through the filter of all waste particles and remain in the filter (which must be changed when it goes brown, depending on the hardness of water between 3 and 5 months). The truth is that changing the filter, one is grateful for all that “brown” not your skin is absorbed … The 412 Ecoducha has micropores that make the water runs in a similar way to what occurs in streams and waterfalls: why release a large amount of negative ions with massage effect, plus save up to 65% water. Certainly, every home should have at least one of these marvels – among all would save gallons of water per shower (which is now a precious commodity), in addition to our skin much more careful, supple and clean . In fact Ecoducha is especially recommended if sensitive and / or allergic reactions and minimizing the use of soap and proper skin allergies are given, sometimes the water quality. Returning to save, here is an example of water saving and Ecoducha of energy with a home Irisana 4: Housing of four people: Cost of water + energy = 0.0050 / Liter Average length of a shower: 5 minutes conventional shower Average consumption: 20 liters / minute x 5 minutes = 100 liters Consumption Ecoducha Irisana: 7 liters / minute x 5 minutes = 35 liters consumption per shower Savings: 65 liters daily Savings: 65 liters x 4 showers / shower = 260 liters / day consumption savings year: 260 liters / day x 365 days = 94,900 liters / year Savings euros year: 94.9 thousand liters x 0.0050 / l = 474.50 per year The numbers speak for themselves, although those who talk most about are those that already have long recommended that all the world: “Since I have the Ecoducha, and skin does not itch and my dandruff has disappeared in the hair. A marvel.” “Definitely Irisana Ecoducha to save water. I have a little electric heater and since I have the Ecoducha my complete with hot showers and cold as before.” ” Ecoducha, saves water and relaxes me a lot every time you use it “And you still do not shower with Ecoducha?

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