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Now drive in any search engine to any question on computer topics – what answers get? That's right, based on the use of Windows. Walk into any bookstore, the department of computer literature – all the shelves are occupied with books on Windows, on Linux – something about how to administer networks, modestly, in the far corner. Virtually all organizations, both commercial and government, their office work is carried out using the programs "1C," but they are not ported for Linux. So that the science teacher will be familiar with Windows, and students in need great life is the same. Speaking of user-friendly. If someone does not know, Linux is initially then developed an obscure Finnish student as a graduation project as a console operating system and all the bad language (but none with her en masse to other operating systems have not moved) Windows from the outset was designed as a custom OS then an obscure American-educated student. We will not expand here next "holivar Windows versus Linux, we now have other problems, but the fact remains – Windows won an absolute majority of votes among all users suits and ranks, from gamers to officials and businessmen.

Speaking of gamers – which would make a schoolboy coming home from school? That's right, run your favorite toy, and on Windows, and forget about school computer science lessons with unnecessary he Linux. And even if in mathematics lessons most commonly used Arabic numerals (though the Roman beautiful), it would be logical to teach children the most common operating systems. In the end, the taxi drivers are not taught on tractors.

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