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Each microregion congregates, therefore some cities. MICROREGION OF JAPARATUBA Figura01: Map of the microregion Source: Personal archive 2,1 Localization of Microregion One of them is the microregion of Japaratuba that is composed for the cities of Pirambu, Japaratuba (Figure 01), San Francisco, Japoat and Pacatuba. By the same author: John Grayken. It is located in the Northwest and East of the state enters the latitudes of 37 30e longitude of 10 11. This microregion is limited with the ones of: Bar of the Coconut palms, Amaro Saint of Brotas, Carmpolis, Chapel, Muribeca, Threshed of the Oxen, Cedar of Are Joo, Proper, Nepolis, Island of the Flowers, Heath Great the Atlantic Ocean. Pirambu is a city that if it locates in the littoral band, in the extreme east of Sergipe, is limited with the cities, to the south of the Bar of the Coconut palms, the west with Amaro Saint of Brotas, the north with Pacatuba and Japaratuba and the east with the Atlantic Ocean. Its area encloses 199,2 76 km and is about km of the Aracaju capital and the headquarters of the city possess 2 meters of geographic altitude and coordinates of 1044? 23? of south latitude and 3651? 24? of longitude west.

Japaratuba is a located city of the northeast region of the state of Sergipe, limits it north with the cities of San Francisco, Japoat and Pacatuba, to the south with Carmpolis, the west with Muribeca and Capela and the east with Pirambu. Its area encloses 374,0 km, and is about 54 km of the Aracaju capital and the headquarters of the city possess 13 meters of geographic altitude and coordinates of 1025? 27? of south latitude and 3656? 33? of longitude west. San Francisco is limited with the cities to the north with Cedar of Is Joo and Prpria, the east with Japoat, to the south with Japaratuba and the Threshed west with of Bois and Muribeca.

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