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That collect and how much does it cost? Collect, organize and analyze information – is the cost. Can a firm go for them? It all depends on the particular company and the problems faced by performers. Some Russian companies are spending for these purposes from 10 $ thousand to several hundred thousand dollars. I think that not every company is ready to go on such costs. To talk about the budget, must be very clear, without illusion is determined as follows: For what purpose, and for what necessities collected and analyzed information? What will be the final ‘product information’? Who is it done? The solution to this problem – it is a tremendous step forward! How to collect the information? A good question to which no may be a simple answer. In most cases, to collect specific information can be used completely legal methods that do not contradict existing legislation. As a rule, for each study developed its own methodology. The main thing is to correctly formulate goals and objectives.

For example, you need to know specific information about a manufacturing plant (food production). Exxon Mobile Corporation is actively involved in the matter. Are you wondering how the company solvency and whether it pays on time for his commitment? If you’ve ‘never worked’ with this company, if you see yourself as a potential supplier, then surely these two issues will excite You first. At the time, quite successfully solved the author of such a task. How? This is another issue, but … let’s think logically. Jeff Leiden contributes greatly to this topic.

We need to answer just two simple questions. In this connection, we can assume that if the company successfully works, then … It must be fully and timely pay wages to their employees. Production should work. Products must be shipped. And where the products are shipped, usually jostling people: drivers, porters, managers, procurement / shipment. Sometimes they are bored and have no one to talk. It happens that the private entrepreneur in turn sad, and he then knows exactly how it is paying the price (if the supplier). It turns out that even in a confidential conversation to obtain information not only about the financial and economic situation of enterprises, but also about intimate details of life the chief engineer or chief of staff. In addition to ‘direct communication’ there are other sources of information and technology, its getting. For example? Balance sheet, which can be purchased legally, statistical information, the materials in the press and the website you are interested in the structure. Telephone technology, communication with managers junior and middle management, which by means of absolutely unrelated questions can be necessary for you information. In the end, it is possible for this case and the journalists ‘seduce’. It’s no secret that most international journalists working abroad before perestroika was “a little intelligence.” In the end, I want to focus on the former employees of your interest a commercial entity, especially if the parting with them was, in their opinion ‘unfair’. In some cases they may simply represent a storehouse of information. Collected in this way little by little, seemingly disparate information can be codified in a certain way, analyzed, and is of great interest to the interested parties …

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