Richard Trevithick

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Continuation.The globalization process is closely on with the commercial relations between the countries and these relations had gained body and scale with industrial revolution. Some attribute the entrance of the humanity in the industrial process to the year of the 1808 with the locomotive vapor of Richard Trevithick. This data are controversial, beyond being difficult to define with precision the accurate landmark of a process as global industrialization. Considering that we speak of globalization, we go to define as essential to the sprouting of this, the necessary embryonic tools, integrant part of the process of the industrial revolution. The discovery of the telegraph in the 1844 with Samuel Morse and the sequence telephone of Graham Bell in 1876. We can infer here that the Morse code and the telephone start to create mechanisms to break barriers with the fast traffic of information being assisted the expansion of the businesses and markets and the improvements in the relations of exchange between the actors, would be here then embryo of a globalizante process? It can be, but more excellent facts the front are more representative in the concept of the globalization. The end of century XIX was marked by the European wars and settling processes, mainly of the British empire, these facts had been enemy of one better interaction between the countries, but the industrial revolution made its magician, creating wealth and prosperity. The periods of the peace had arrived at the beginning of century XX and had instigated the investors having forced the nations to search expansion, markets and businesses beyond its borders. At this moment the North America it blunts as emergent power and the expansion of the world-wide economy was latent at least up to 1914 as we will see to follow. The impulse happened at this moment with respect to the concepts argued here is marcante and excellent.

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