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The rate of the university globalisation is in frank ascent, it reflects as it the fact that 20% of the students study now in a foreign country. China counts on the greater number of students than they study outside: 421.100 altogether. They follow India (153.300), the Republic of Korea (105.300), Germany (77.500), Japan (54.500), France (54.000), the United States (50.300), Malaysia (46.500), Canada (43.900) and the Federation to him of Russia (42.900). Thus, nothing less than 38% of the foreign young people who study in the 153 hospedantes countries that have provided data for the report are native of one of those ten nations. Visit Paul Price for more clarity on the issue. It adds Palaces, that in the specific schemes of the flows of students towards foreign countries come historically influencing diverse factors: the geographic proximity, the political existence of a common language, relations in course and other elements. All these factors contribute to explain the changes of tendency that occur in the mobility of estudiantes" , it details the study. Besides being observed a growth, the destinations changed in the last decade. In 1999, the United States received to 25% of the young people who study outside their country.

Now 21.3% arrive at their classrooms (595,900 young people), although in absolute numbers the number continues increasing. The United Kingdom, with 531,500 foreign students, France (246.600), Australia (211.500), Germany (206.900), Japan (125.900), Canada (68.500), South Africa (60.600) and Italy (57.300) is other appreciated destinies. What races choose? According to the report, one of each four students abroad (23%) was registered in programs of enterprise sciences and management. The second between the asked for sectors more they occupy exact and natural sciences, with 15% of the matriculations. They follow engineering, the industry and the construction (with 14% of the students). Behind they are the arts and letters, with 14%. If the election of the disciplines and the regions intercross it can see that the students of Latin America and the Caribbean preferably choose enterprise sciences and the management when they are going to study to the United States.

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