Plan Fenix

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In 1996, the beach is closed and a load part of it sold to ANTEL for the construction of buildings at the Tower of Communications. AFE lost cargo traffic and revenue from rental of space. In 1998 the station was sold to Banco Hipotecario del Uruguay, as part of a political project called “Phoenix Plan.” This real estate project planned to convert the building into a cultural shopping and a supermarket on the beach maneuvers. There was no technical study of rail operations.
A new small stations and 500 meters north of the old building started in December 1999. Several errors in the building delayed its opening until 1 de marzo de 2003, when it was waged in the service of trains. Since that time the station is abandoned.
Passenger trains of the line Montevideo – August 25 lost more than 100,000 users and trains on the line Montevideo – Sudriers have not attracted more passengers due to the distance of the new terminal to the center of the city .
Beach maneuvers Lorenzo Carnelli station is congested and often must wait for freight trains to 100 km from Montevideo to have free paths to be received. In the past, the beach and loads of beach from Central Station maneuvers used to free roads in Carnelli, besides being the station of the port of Montevideo.
Administrative offices of the State Railways occupied between 2002 and 2008, a building leased by the Mortgage Bank at a cost of U 200,000 per month, which is a waste of public money, while the Central Station was abandoned. In January 2008 the offices of the railroad moved to an apartment building owned by Banco Hipotecario which was unoccupied. It is completely inappropriate for use as offices.
In 2004, a cultural project (the “Vienna”) is working to further damage the building and left debts of all kinds andalusia Uruguayan state (water, electricity, telephone, rent), no further demonstrated the sustainability of economic activity that type.

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