Performance Management

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The end result should be an equally sharp with both eyes. Of course, should not have discarded models diopters of correction. For users of spectacles, binoculars have some quality retractable eye, that is, that you can “get in” or bend the rubber that protects them for vision with glasses is comfortable. A feature of particular importance in view of a prism is the transmission capacity of color. This capability should be checked by comparing different models of binoculars and aim to offer a choice that castrate a bright, natural, no false color and distortion halos around the image. A special type of binoculars, because of their small size, are called pocket binoculars, also known as folding binoculars. They usually have between 8 and 10 and front lens increases are often 20mm, so its brightness is generally low, default for certain activities (opera, mountain, etc..) Offset its small size.

The models incorporate higher-quality aspheric optics and Bak-4 prisms, thereby greatly improving their performance. ACCESSORIES As accessories to improve the management of the binoculars is important to note the characteristics of at least three components or equipment: Carrying straps, covers for rain and tripods. These teams are often purchased separately. The carrying strap is used to carry up the binoculars. Should be disposed of very thin straps, which produce great fatigue and pains in the neck, especially after continued use. By contrast, protection straps with neoprene bands are excellent, as cushion the weight of the binoculars, allowing extended use without discomfort.

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