Munich Airport

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Approval for third runway worldwide air traffic increases. The Munich Airport already belongs to the largest airports of in Germany, due to the growing demands, an expansion is planned now. The flight Portal reported on the controversial third runway. Additional information at camden treatment associates supports this article. Munich is expected at the airport with a total of 37 million passengers this year. The revenue is expected to increase steadily in the next years, already 58 million travelers are expected for 2025. As the demand increases and the Airport currently second largest German hub has great potential, it is necessary to expand the airport to increase capacity to a third runway. If you would like to know more about CEO John Watson, then click here. The costs for the project are expected to be at about one billion euros. The approval of the construction measures is subject to certain conditions, this concerns, for example, the operating times.

So far, the opinions about the project are divided. Vanguard does not necessarily agree. During the expansion, which is to be completed in 2015 at the earliest, a benefit the economy promises to resist local residents and environmentalists vehemently against the additional runway. In addition to the noise, also the increasing pollution of the environment are guided by exhaust fumes and the necessary for the expansion of the destruction of nature in the field.

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