Mental Health

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Another point discussed was that of mental health. a Oeno closure conceived as a therapeutic form of healing. In this we have much to learn from them said Minister Mate. Also talked about herbs: a En Argentina this has not been considered important, but in Brazil are studying thousands of medicinal herbs, some with significant clinical effectiveness “Marin said. Indigenous people say, a if I used it for 500 years, why do I need to be told that good? a , and here comes a united concept of medicine-western medicine requires validation cientificaa . In essence, then, is a double proposal: improving accessibility-a we have originariasa 90 000 people, said health Mate-official and indigenous medicine let spill on huincasa a . Minister Mate said: a Oeser difficult, because the laws are designed from the West.

I do not know what medical school would argue if we propose to put in an institution to a person who is not doing medical therapy, but you have to do debatea . For one thing, and want in late 2007 have a pilot with forms of management and indigenous therapies. Mapuche claim a health center in Los Toldos .- Mapuche flags advertised a meeting at the school in June, called by the group Epu Bafkeh (two springs). It is Sunday and the kids are entertained in the playground. There are many people, around tables, waiting for the foal meat on Saturday, which is roasted slowly.

The Mapuche are located in a circle and in the Assembly passed the microphone from hand to hand. They ask for restitution of land, a health center Mapuche and their form of care is not considered illegal practice of medicine. In this place rose the tents of the tribe of Chief Ignacio voroga Coliqueo, a indio amigoa, who fought first for Urquiza and then got legal transfer of 16,400 hectares, by the laws of 1866 and 1868. Then there was a long process, contrary to the communitarian conception of the earth.

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