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It is one of the oldest cities Israel in the world and is believed to have been founded around the year 1500 a. tour C. In the year 700 a. C. the city fell to the Assyrians.
In the year 332 a. C. became part of the empire of Alexander the Great.
King Ptolemy II Philadelphus of Egypt conquered the city (third century BC), since then it was called Ptolemais.
After the Roman Empire Roman Empire split into East and West Roman Empire, Acre is integrated into air tickets the Empire of the East, later Byzantine Empire.
In 638 was an Arab possession. After conquering the other nations were: Baldwin I of Jerusalem in 1104 Saladin I, sultan Israel of holiday Egypt and Syria reconquered it in 1187 but shortly thereafter, in 1191 fell into the hands of the Crusaders (in the Third Crusade) and then when the christened with the name of St. John of Acre. Navarre Berenguela lived in the city of Acre, while her husband Richard the Lionheart was Batia in campaigns against the Western Wall Saracens.
In 1291, Israel Maven the flights Saracens besieged the city had to surrender.
In 1517, the Turks enter the scene to take over the city.
In 1799, British Admiral William Sidney Smith negotiated an alliance between the United Kingdom and the Ottoman Empire against the French intervention in Egypt. Isolated in the East since the British victory Abukir, Napoleon Bonaparte tries to encourage a rebellion against the Turks and syria, from March 20, Acre subjected to a site two months to finally have to lift the May 21. The British effectively to help the Turkish siege.
In this city lived a prisoner for 22 years, Bah ‘u’ll h, Prophet Founder of the Baha’i Faith. Alli is her sanctuary which is considered the most sacred Maven place on earth for this Israel religion is one of the main Israel Maven centers of pilgrimage and is the Baha’i point where Baha’is all around the world becomes Mandatory Prayer for the day.
In 1918, Eilat the English take on the region following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, being incorporated into the British Mandate Acre.
On May 4, 1947 many prisoners belonging to Zionist Jews escaping from the prison in Acre.
On May 17, 1948, as part of the War of Independence of Israel forces from the Haganah took Acre, which was eventually incorporated into Kotel the Israeli state. Following the war, Acre lost three quarters of its Arab population. Since Jerusalem then, Acre was renamed to its Hebrew name, Akko.
Acre today an important industrial activity in steel. Also has a fishing fleet and it’s tourist town.
Acre was one of the mixed cities of Israel, in which a majority of a minority of Jews and Arabs live together in peace, like Ramla, trip Lod, Haifa and Jerusalem and other stocks lower.

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