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Even the seemingly boring things in life provide laughs for so many complex and repetitive contract texts every now and then you would never guess that there is still place for curiosities in the insurance industry. But by the motor vehicle insurance to the accident insurance there is nothing what does not exist. Perhaps a glimpse of the biggest curiosities and funniest stories from 400 years insurance worth precisely. Life insurance is probably one of the most popular insurance at all. There are now many different variants, of risk life insurance up to the capital life insurance customers have a large selection of many different types of insurance. Who does not want more on his life insurance money has even the possibility to sell its insurance (source:

However, a special variant of this insurance applies today as completely forgotten. As the life insurance at the end of the 18th century and early 19th century gain in popularity could, numerous trends emerged parallel to this development. This included, for example, the opportunity to see life senior politician, nobleman and entrepreneur or merchants to place bets. Has been stopped already after a short time this trend, but still is considered in the development of life insurance as a significant byproduct of many experts. Especially curious examples from the recent past can be found in the area of insurance fraud. Basically, insurance fraud is strictly forbidden and who would not endanger the performance of its insurance, should be always true information.

There just when the accident insurance marcabre fraud. Click Groupon to learn more. The accident insurance of a country doctor apparently paid reason enough to cut off the hand itself, for example, from 30 per cent disability to the skilled person. But also from the area of their household insurance it always comes back to fraud. Stupid only when fraudsters do not properly prepare. If, for example, no burglary marks on the door to see, Typically will not pay the insurer. In addition, policyholders in a break-in must place an ad. Who has an appointment with a buddy to the ‘theft’ of his old TV, will show hardly this. Frauds are not just rare, in the car, insurance. But really oddities can be found usually at the insurance companies from abroad. Many States are just as regards insurance schemes, particularly resourceful: South Africa, for example, charged the premiums for car insurance just with the fuel. In South Africa, so slightly more per liter pay motorists and can it rely on an extensive liability protection. In some other countries, there are sometimes even no car insurance. Especially in developing countries, there is no provision for a certain minimum safeguards. In countries such as Canada and individual States of the United States, insurance handled the car across the State. In the U.S. State of Virginia, drivers can pay even an annual fee to the State and can be exempted from the insurance obligation in return. In an ancient and complex industry, there always features, quirky fraud and inconsistencies. Through the development of the Internet, much has become much simpler and easier. Insurance contracts can be managed now online and also the services of insurers have become much more transparent.

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