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History The pictorial field is enriched with posters and props. The ad seeks to make the shows with the highest artistic status since it has an impact on numbers of visitors. The scenery is entrusted to prominent artists. Matisse, Picasso, Dali, Chagall, among the great performances. And likewise, the painter has been active in film, sometimes, providing decorations, which are to be filmed, but occasionally, making full movies (Walt Disney). The Impressionist painters themselves, initiate the new turn of the painting. The Impressionists painted the mere appearance. A group of artists started since 1880 the reconstruction of the form, ie, of existence. This trend has been called constructivism, which in turn contains various movements. Loa three main promoters of this approach: Cezanne, Van Gogh, and Gauguin fled the atmosphere of Paris in search of unpublished horizons.Main article Matisse: Henri Matisse Henri Matisse‘s painting entitled “Dessert, harmonie en rouge” (The Dessert, Harmony in Red), dating from 1908, used optical materials that were common place for artists of the time, whatever were his aesthetic convictions and who really had been part of the European traditional baggage from the time of the seventeenth-century Flemish painters. The drastic simplification of the trace shows the lack of importance attributed to the artist how objects are perceived by the eye in real life. Such use of color was not something completely unusual in painting at the time, although Matisse experiments carried to extremes. Whistler had already proposed the idea that the color could be addressed in terms of music, and tried by itself its first application, but using light tones.Paul C zanne Main article: Paul C zanne son of a banker Paul C zanne (1839-1906) not aware of the economic crush many painters of his time. But he knew the iron discipline imposed on those who feel required to comply with a lofty mission. He had the reward of being recognized worldwide in the last period of its existence. Friends of the Impressionists, Pissarro singularly, has not accepted the sensationalist version of the painting of them. His paintings again regain the strength of the plastic reality, violated by the bright glare impressionistic. He knows in his paintings combine concern for the scientific problem (the volume) with the purely aesthetic pleasure. This sculptor-painter, creates various procedures, to emphasize the notion of the package. But giving to black and gray, traditional means for obtaining shadows. Their shadows are usually violated. In the same way increases its contrasting colors, to encounter such deception occurs distend levels.Conceives table based strictly geometrical bodies. It is no coincidence therefore that the block is chosen as inexcusable piece of his still lifes, because she provides a basic geometric shape, that of the sphere. And to avoid the object is blurred in their profiles, for the most natural lighting that is deposited in them the stresses with emphasis, by a solid dark line. His brushwork was born in the Impressionist cradle, so that is distributed over long rubs, that the same stones in the building, organized a plastic object. Not without reason Cezanne is the father of constructivism, which strives to return the plastic construction of reality, after the dematerialization of light produced by impressionists. His most famous paintings are still lifes, flowers, but also landscapes of Provence, his hometown.In the various versions of his “card player” without losing its concern about the relief, have left us one of the few subjects of modern art: the spectacle of men feverishly delivered to the consuming passion of the game. For clarity and logic of their paintings, is a classic.

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