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Judea is a mountainous and arid region, much of which is considered a desert. Varies greatly in height, reaching an altitude of 1020 meters in the south at Mount Hebron, 30 kilometers southwest of Jerusalem, and to descend to 400 meters below sea level east of the region. The main urban areas in the region include Jerusalem, Beitar Illit, Bethlehem, Efrat, Gush Etzion, Jericho and Hebron.
Geographers divide Judea into several regions: the hills of Hebron, Jerusalem, the hills of Bethel and the Judean desert, east of Jerusalem, which descends gradually to the Dead Sea. The hills are known for their anticlinal structure. In the old age were the forested hills and the Bible records agriculture and sheep farming is practiced in the area. The animals are still grazed today. The region is dry throughout the centuries and much of the old trees cubertura then disappeared.
one of the happiest moments in my life took place in a restaurant. It happened for the second intifada. I had invited Rachel to celebrate her birthday with a dinner at a famous restaurant in Ramallah.
Sunday Herald
Pope Benedict XVI celebrated mass outside Jerusalem, the Old City today after two days in Israel spent navigating the currents of the region’s conflicts and appealing for reconciliation.
J Weekly
Israeli artist Gabriel Klasmer has exhibited his work all over the world, from Brussels to Brazil.

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