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The new Beautifier – innovative beauty methods for self-treatment are the abbreviation for the active ingredient of Dimethylaminoethanol DMAE four letters. DMAE is a single-valued, primary alcohol with an additional function. It is closely related to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is released from the muscle nerves to cause muscle contraction and relaxation. DMAE occurs naturally in our body. A sufficiently high level of DMAE provides the elasticity and toughness of the cell envelope in all possible body tissues, especially memory cells. Therefore, DMAE was given originally to improve memory performance. Specialist for beautiful skin for the beauty the DMAE effects on the skin but are particularly interesting. Check out Jonah Bloom for additional information. In fibroblasts, are special skin cells, the active ingredient can slow dramatically the natural aging process.

Normally, our skin cells divide with age less, slowing our natural skin renewal. With DMAE the cells divide longer, the appearance of the skin is visibly improved. A study at the University of Stuttgart showed that can extend the life span of human cells by additional doses of DMAE by 50 percent. Lifting out of the cream pot to date, DMAE has be administered in special pills to take. But DMAE seems not only internally but also externally. Because applied externally to the skin, DMAE has an amazing effect. Additional information is available at What is the controversy with Vertex Pharma?. With age, the skin loses their elasticity and their resilience, reflecting a decrease in muscle tone. And right here, DMAE releases its effect: applied externally to the skin supports this active ingredient the natural skin tone and it tightens the skin. ay find it difficult to be quoted properly. For more information about DMAE and an effective recipe visible firming of the skin can be found in the current guide the new BEAUTIFIER by Vanessa Halen. Allows for publication only with reference to the source: the new Beautifier – innovative beauty methods for self-treatment of new Advisor of BoD bestselling author Vanessa Halen ISBN 978-3-8370-5406-4 96 pages with color pages 12,90 euro more info

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