Deluxe – Reconstruction

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Xoel Lopez returns to publish multinational force under the Virgin while breathing space for his previous album, End of Infinite Travel (2007, Virgin). In appearance, are distanced in time due to the publication but is not quite true. Her fourth study was designed as a double and eventually was presented as a simple, and had something to do with the remaining songs are not selected. We know the policies of some labels, as opposed to the commercial viability of double discs, which prefer the publication of two very different to one.

Five subjects had already been released by Xoel at its official website, where you put one each month so that his followers were downloaded. The result leaves a list of 14 items nothing less. The reference cares much to his faithful followers, as it includes a DVD with 22 cuts, consisting of 15 songs live at Riviera, four of the meeting provided for under the name MTv Piano Bar Sessions and three video clips. Fans will not be complaining material above with editing? Limited? To 5,000 copies (which is it hoped to sell all?).

For its fifth adventure has chosen a striking title, since the music is approached as a musical reconstruction of the world in their patterns of the market (the strategy of gift items), and for others it is seen as an attempt to give the impression that Deluxe returns to be the boy his first two works, but only stays in this: in an attempt to make people believe.

There is nothing that gives the coup surprise, the song especially compared with other, much less respect to their former jobs. And with Young Kills Before Time (2005, Mushroom Pillow) failed to follow the correct path of his first, then tried to improve her but it was not enough, and now again seems publish items minors without apparent grace.

Deluxe has entered into a circle of difficult exit, where the refrains are irremediable and songs to the fifth repetition seem eternal. A sound as homogeneous among the various tracks that is not conducive to the whole album, even though the issue has improved quite melodic, especially in incorporating trumpets and other instruments.

If you listen to the fourteen cuts not you run with any in memory, it is because there is a fault. And if Aguanto Only a little more, which could be the synthesis of Reconstruction, as well as some verses in the race Xoel Lopez. Anyone signing and a disc for fans and a complement to his earlier, but nothing new to excel in their careers.

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