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For example, a Queen of swords in Tarot, means that it is a woman, which either has twin, Libra, or Aquarius properties, at least however so colored. But again not essential, because one and the same person is often different facets of their personality, depending on the mood and feeling, so that you can make not always an absolutely unique and final statement. This is however not incontrovertibly true sometimes In addition, the four elements, Earth, fire, water and air are represented in the Tarot. Here there are various signs of the Zodiac coins, bars, stemware, and swords, in the astrology. In short, but could say, astrology can us, such as Tarot, represent the “shell”, “Interior design”, however, can us Tarot however immediately with show, including the corresponding “renovations” and changes, so what “unterwusst” or “unconscious” is in us.

So would you describe as “Interior” of the under – or unconscious? If we in this simplified want to stay on pictorial representation: Yes. Where we once must look at what says unconscious at all. Sometimes we do just we act things without thinking about easily, without knowing exactly why we act out our belly, so the unconscious out. For example, A mother who loves her child, always knows, as it is, no matter where in the world is this child, and something is not right with this child should know so / the mother feels this also, unconsciously… …man could also intuition call it…! Yes, of course. If we remain so at the pictorial representation of this “Interior”, then various forces in our ‘establishment’: colors, shapes, and people. How do you do that in relationship? Oh, a very broad and interesting field. Everything that surrounds us, affects our consciousness and unconscious.

This causes”for example including moods. Imagine, come into a totally black-painted room. You will feel immediately small, restricted and are most probably even depressed.

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