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In a document that I have recently received, was this statement by Confucius * Those who know the goal can decide. * Find peace * Who decides who finds peace is secure. * Who is certainly possible to think about. * If you are thinking can improve. First I read the statement by Confucius and ignored. During the meeting, the treated material, which was also this statement, I read the sentence again. After the second reading, I found the verdict is already a bit interesting. Or in other words, my interest was piqued. I have inquired with the help of the Internet, who was Confucius. And I’m met with the following information (Source ): K Ng Z (Master Kong), was a Chinese philosopher and founder of Confucianism. His real name is K Ng F Z (Polite form of address) to German Confucius – the ending-us has its origin in the fact that his writings were first translated by the Jesuits in a European language, namely Latin. He livedprobably from 551 BC to 479 BC in the city of Qufu in the Chinese state of Lu (, today’s Shandong Province). Confucius founded a school of philosophy. The core value of his teachings was the order that was his opinion with respect for other people and ancestor worship accessible. The focus of his thinking of the “noble stand” ( Junzi), a morally perfect human being. To find the idea of harmony plays an important role in his worldview: “The pivot point, which unites our ethical nature with the universal order, harmony was the key,” Confucius as the highest human goal. “Harmony and center, equanimity and balance are” the target. These observations, I found very exciting and I wondered whether the words of Confucius in modern times has its significance. So I tried to look for examples of my everyday life, where I was able to verify the statement. An example from the summer holidays, I want to tell you: On Saturday, 29 July, we drove to Frankfurt. Thereone hand, we visited my brother and family and have the other Joel, picked up our son at his godfather. We had to travel approximately 400 kilometers by car. The route we did not know, and we knew that our youngest family member is over after one hour in the car nervous and very loud. Because of this situation, we planned the trip. With the help of a current road map and instructions of my brother, we have defined the route. Because of the sleep patterns of Ladina we have set the departure time so that they would fall asleep after about 30 minutes. For your entertainment pleasure, we have packed up for the children’s games, Malblcke, children’s CD’s, etc.. Then the journey began. After about an hour’s drive we have heard on the radio from a 6 km-long traffic jams between Stuttgart and Heilbronn. Because this jam message was sent again, we have decided to drive over Karlsruhe. This has worked well, thanks to the road map. With the exception of a small jam in Constance and partially dense we could travel the first 135 minutesput behind us without any major disruptions. Ladina asleep as planned for more than an hour, Nicola painted and listened to CD’s and the route was due to the preparation, no problem. After a lunch at a motorway service station near Pforzheim, and a detailed inspection of the playground, we have achieved after a further two hours drive of Frankfurt and then to the agreed meeting place in the office district. My wife and I were surprised at how smoothly the trip had gone, although we were not very motivated at the beginning and had some concerns. In the light of the saying of Confucius, the result is understandable: * We had one goal: * We decided to visit relatives are: route, duration * We had peace, we were well prepared and therefore more difficult situations calmly * Due to security, we could consider and have found the right route without wandering. * We were able to while driving to respond to the traffic jam and reduce traveling time. Although the saying of Confucius in recent yearsthere is, I am convinced that he is still valid. It is important that my its goals, both professionally and personally knows. This way you can from the multitude of options to choose those who commit to one. Moreover, one finds peace and is confident about his path. You do not constantly mourn an alleged possibility. From the situation of security you can then consider whether to seek more than slightly adapted or new targets. Therefore, I recommend you to their targets (familei, hobbies, profession, etc. defined) and to pursue in peace.

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