Business Competitiveness

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Today more than ever, there seems to be a broad consensus on the urgent need for well-functioning business competitively. Until a few years, the protectionist system in country, as in other Latin American countries, had been prevented from assessing the harsh conditions of international competition and higher levels of demand by customers and consumers, who demand higher quality products, timeliness in delivery, reasonable prices and excellence in attention. Indeed, the stark reality that began in the eighties and the effects of globalization in the 90s, suddenly awakened to all organizations and forced them to search diligently for new strategies to successfully adjust to increasing competition. Investigating this aspect, it is known that some years ago remanifesto according to a competitiveness report published by IESA, Venezuela was placed number 47 in the world as a competitive, not to highlight that this position is often caused its major industries such as oil and aluminum is the focus of most active. Unfortunately, it has neglected the development of other industries. The knowledge advantage and transform other natural resources. Why what of it?. This is because the small and medium industries are in your womb a number of problems that do not allow exporting, due to various causes, such as mismanagement, poor management of financial, bad government policies, lack of modern technology, managers low vision, planning, proactiveness, and other factors. Specifically, comments that are nine areas where it fails, but only two are recurrent ie: more and better knowledge and access to key resources (financial).

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