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Let’s look at the history of Maicao step since the 1960s and subsequent years, of whom can testify this server as eyewitness to several of the events that occurred in this village of our loves. Before that nothing I do two warnings: 1. this registration cannot be complete because myself only to mention facts that has known Vista or from hearsay and, logically, didn’t see or heard everything that happened in ten years. 2. Neither expect objectivity because most of the lines were written not by the dictates of the brain, but by an organ situated about thirty centimeters below, where it is assumed that feelings reside. I should clarify that I was born in the mid-about which I write and why is not much what memory stores.

I remember that if people walked in on horseback and in Mule donkey. The mules donkeys were also used to carry water. As this fluid has always been scarce some people managed to roll along the ground a barrel lying which He was called pipe. The barrel was pulled by a donkey or Mule (horses were aristocratic animals and were not subjected to these hard tasks). Those who sold so water could not be called otherwise: Piperos. And they were very important characters in the village. Some were transported in vehicles to which an instrument called a handle to power them adhering. My dad came from very far away and to get here should take a train from Turin to Genoa from where came by ship to Buenos Aires and from there to Bogota overland. Due arrive tired my old but not so much because he continued right to Nazareth in the upper Guajira and from there until this little town of few houses where you wouldn’t ever. My mom made a shorter trip because he came from Riohacha: just four hours which were which employed a mixed bus for the journey of ninety kilometers (Riohacha and Maicao, being smaller, remained more distant).

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