Beer As A Fountain

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That beer, consumed in moderation (or) when applied externally, is an extremely healthy habits, many studies have already proved. For example, a glass of beer can be enjoyed now and again, the digestion and metabolism encourage preventing against atherosclerosis, or the hair is mixed with egg yolk to help to better hold and shine. A step further, as does the German monastery brewery Neuzell. New ways at the Brewery Art With the development of the "Original Neuzeller Badebiers" is to provide beer now finally moving into the wellness temple. With its natural ingredients to brew, the manufacturer, the body's own protection in the regulation of oxygen supply to support the cells and slow the aging process by additional ingredients. Since both the beer as a beverage than can be used as a bath essence, it is suitable for every man and woman. What is the anti-aging beer in there? Besides the usual precursors of the beer like water, hops and malt, the anti-aging beer contains even brineSpirulina Algae and flavonoid Querzitin. But what do all these ingredients really? * Natural carbon dioxide stimulates skin circulation and has a supportive treatment for hypertension and incipient atherosclerosis. * Hops has a calming and antiseptic (anti-inflammatory). * Brewer's yeast has been known since the Middle Ages as a medicine. It works, applied topically, for acne, eczema, fungal infections and poorly healing wounds. Internally, it serves mainly as a B vitamin, mineral and trace element supplier. * Brine (salt water) stimulates gastrointestinal activity and hence metabolism and digestion. Sole also has a regulating effect on blood pressure and balances the acid-base status of household. * Spirulina algae are among their more than 100 nutrients to the most nutritious plant foods. They contain mainly proteins and amino acids, plus beta carotene, chlorophyll, selenium, iron, vitamin B12, unsaturated fatty acids, carbohydrates and many other exploitable minerals and trace elements. * Flavonoids such as theAnti-aging beer Querzitin added to protect the body against free radicals. These are produced in the body such as ultraviolet radiation and cigarette smoke. They are suspected to be responsible for the accelerated deterioration of cells and tissue damage to be and thus accelerate the aging process. In addition, flavonoids act preventively against arteriosclerosis and hypertension and reduce the risk of cancer. An anti-inflammatory effect and is said durchblutungfördernde the flavonoids as well. Beer trend on the rise, although the anti-aging beer in the monastery Neuzelle mainly in countries such as Russia, Belgium, Denmark and Japan are exported, the new trend in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in coming. To discover more and more spas and wellness hotels, the beneficial effects of the beer. Since the antioxidant potential of the anti-aging beer to a 10-fold higher than at traditional beer, enjoy the friends certainly palatable brew that for a good draft now have an additional reason. Maybe experiencedsome after the next World Cup as a surprise when he looks in the mirror.

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