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There is no faster way to lose customers as sloppy and confusing Web design. A good Web design splits the information on the site in categories and sub categories on the homepage. For example, on a Web page which cars sold could with the categories available vehicle manufacturer, assign the model, and then finally after years. Therefore every user of who looking is after a 1996 Mercedes Benz – a class is to find what he is looking for just three clicks away. The better the content is organized needs of visitors typically fewer clicks on the user interface to any kind of need to find information on the site. If the content is deep inside buried the Web page which is probably increased that users either not able or not will raise that to find what you are looking for.

Bad Web design makes the visitors lost feeling on the website go or you looking for on another Web page find easier and faster. The most obvious – maybe the most ubersehenste over – aspect of good Web design is design. Melinda Clarke often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A good website must convince users to stay and explore the contents. Good Web design should use a pleasant color scheme. Avoid loud background, use easily legible fonts, and follow on a common theme. Web design must be also consistent. Subpages should always by the scheme just look as if that they belong to the Web page.

This gives the visitor the feeling to move it on the same site at any time. If the visitors find the information on a base which they have searched and have moved it to a consistent page structure they will associate a success and high the complete Web page. Good Web design helps to attract repeat visitors to your Web site. Filed under: Reshma Kewalramani. It is important to bear in mind that the visitors of the Web site is only half the battle for every Web Designer. They give the other half with good Web design.

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