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Following the inauguration of the Metro de Medellin in the year 1995, the first mass transit system in the country, Colombia’s major cities were optimistic about the implementation of a similar system for the metropolitan area. Immediately the municipal administration of Cali, with much effervescence began sketching what would become the “Metro de Cali.”
The city administration began a widespread deployment of advertising, what would be the solution for the growing fleet of the city subway booths installed at the front of the Municipal Administrative Center to show the community would like the subway, “accompanied by Thousands of souvenirs such as T-shirts, stickers, etc.. However, at the level of planning and execution, was precarious progress. In 1999, the municipal company “Metrocali,” who would be responsible for building it. Was also established that 70 of the gasoline surcharge to be allocated to fund construction of the system.
In 2000 he opened TransMilenio in Bogot , under the eyes of society and Cali Metrocali who to date had not advanced in almost all the solution to the growing traffic chaos in Cali.
Finally, in 2001 the joint venture Schroders – Corfivalle determines that the alternative of a Metro in Cali Metrocali was too expensive and decided to opt for building a system of articulated buses, which after the experience of TransMilenio in Bogota, seems the best option. In the six years of advertising in Metro Cali were just old faded stickers in taxis in the city.

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But the clean energy jobs still amount to only a small proportion of total employment.
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Oregon had 19,300 jobs in the clean energy sector in 2007, an increase of 50.7 percent in the previous decade, according to a new report by Pew Charitable Trusts. Oregon has more jobs in the clean energy sector as a share of the total economy, than any other country …
Climate change is no longer a controversial issue. In Africa, the evidence is clear. The continent is the strong influence of climate change.

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