Aika Sumeragi ( ),

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Aika Sumeragi ( ), 26 Aika Sumeragi is the protagonist of the series, recognized as one of the best on the planet Salvagers “A” ranking. It has the rare metal ULTRANATE or fan-shaped wings attached to a belt around in gold, which gives immense power to fight your enemy. His assistant is Rion Aida, a girl who will cause many problems. Is 26 and blond hair is orange, his eyes are blue and the girl that Gust is in love. He works for the company KK. She is an expert fighter bomber pilot. It takes a very interesting portfolio of nowhere becomes a fast motorcycle (almost in the style of Burnout). Aika Sumeragi was raised by scientists as a test subject, his “parents” died long ago in a mysterious earthquake. During the catastrophe, the small Aika is protected by golden corset or bustier, a type of accessory fact or Alternative Metal Ultranat developed by their “parents” scientists. Your seiyu is Rei Sakuma.

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