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Starting In The Crisis The Agency Park7 Has Good Reasons

Posted by on Wednesday, 12 April, 2023

At the beginning of the year 2009 the two Cologne Bjorn Lewe and Maik Rico y Gomez opened the gates of Park7 – Office for sustainable communication with seat in the Cathedral City. At the beginning of the year 2009 the two Cologne Bjorn Lewe and Maik Rico y Gomez opened the gates of Park7 – Office for sustainable communication with seat in the Cathedral City. The young agency positioned itself as a full service concept developer and optimizer for Internet marketing solutions and is now also using its own website: park You need a good concept, self confidence and a good amount of courage to take the step into self-employment in the midst of the crisis. Bjorn Lewe and Maik Rico y Gomez was still no doubt, after studying the online editor at the University of applied sciences Cologne to go their own way. Founded Park7 and see the time rather than chance, says Maik Rico y Gomez: there are certainly more favourable launch conditions, but we see that athletic. If we distinguish us in these times, that’s a good sign that We track embarked.” “” In the private environment of the founder, concerns were often loud: ye but insane–Yes, you heard that relatively often “, Bjorn Lewe results and yet it was the right decision”. Several projects have been implemented in the first half year and obtained an Office at the Cologne Ebertplatz.

Call they ask the owner duo for a short self portrait, they would most likely as creative pragmatists visionaries”. The two Onliner, which already have several years experience in the creative industry, design and implement projects itself and also rely on a close network of experienced specialists in the areas of online marketing and design. Park7 focuses on the integrated all-round support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the optimization of large Web projects. This, the creative, strategic and analytical criteria take account equally in the realization of projects. The range of Park7 includes in addition to the Areas of creation with the classic Web design and editorial production of content (text, image, video) also the disciplines of online marketing and Web usability. For even more opinions, read materials from Deccan Value. Owners Bjorn Lewe: Never isolated, always on the edge of the plate.

This holistic approach to customer projects is the strength of Park7.” Their core insert Park7 when designing entire websites. Also optimizing part processes from existing sites such as, for example, landing pages, to improve the earnings of the entire presence. Maik Rico y Gomez expresses the philosophy of the Agency to the point: the most important thing is not what makes a Web site for the operators, but what does it for the visitors. Because only satisfied customers are good customers in the network.” For more information,

Which Diets Are Popular This Spring

Posted by on Sunday, 9 April, 2023

Spring has come and time to prepare for the summer holidays and look at the open dress nicely there are very few. Therefore, more and more people are now choosing a diet to lose weight quickly. Most popular today diet – a diet for blood group, the Kremlin diet and a diet Dr. Perhaps check out Jimmy Carr for more information. Bauer. At the heart of the Kremlin diet is paradoxical at first glance, the principle.

Meat, poultry and fish can be eaten in almost unlimited quantities, but from foods containing simple carbohydrates – potatoes, bread, confectionery, fizzy drinks, sugary juice – should be abandoned. During the first 2 weeks dropped about 5 pounds on the Kremlin diet. In the diet of group human blood should eat only those foods that are in line with what their ancestors ate. Use of the same "alien" foods, leading to "bonding" of proteins with blood cells and their accumulation in the body. Without hesitation Deccan Value explained all about the problem. Science confirmation of this theory, no. For example, people with the most ancient – I blood group (O) and obtained the title of "hunters", it is necessary to use a large amount of animal protein, there are a lot of red meat (except pork), fish, limit carbs, ie, they must give up bread, pasta, potatoes. Diet Dr.

Bauer – a ten-day diet on vegetables, fruits and juices. Allows you to lose 10 days 2,5 – 4 kg. More than 10 days diet Bauer practice is not recommended. These diets have certain limitations. And remember, it is important not simply to lose weight and make it safe for health and save the result. It is possible under a balanced diet, when you lose weight only due to fat mass, with mandatory maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

8 Mistakes For Not Achieving Success

Posted by on Saturday, 8 April, 2023

In the Audiobook of Jonh C. Maxwell entitled today is important I found 8 errors we often commit when we want to achieve success. We believe that success is impossible. Often when we encounter in life with things that are hard to get we often qualify it’s impossible to achieve and how often the success does not reach easily qualify him impossible, when in reality there are only to be persistent. We believe that success is mystical. We tend to think that achieving success is a mystery and that many, trying to sell us the secrets take advantage and extraordinary formulas for achieving it.

In order to achieve the success we must pay a price, but I don’t mean at 50 or $100 that ask the big gurus but at the time we dedicate to our business, to educate us, mistake is necessary to go all the way to achieve success. We believe that success comes from luck. According to Vanguard, who has experience with these questions. It is true that some successful people possibly reached it by luck, but it is also true that most must work for reach it. Or maybe you think that it plays the lottery tomorrow and not invest properly, forming and creating a good business, success will come by the simple fact of having money, remember money what it comes whether, but education is lasting. Says Maxwell in terms of success it is best to search for it that wait for him. We believe that success is productivity. I previously mentioned that we must work to achieve success but doesn’t mean that because you go to kill to work leaving everything to focus on the work you go to achieve it. You have to be smart, effective and efficient, sometimes we tend to perform many tasks without stopping to check their results. Then, you have to work? Of course, but there is that devote themselves exclusively to do so, must set aside time for family, leisure, couple, friends we believe that success comes from an opportunity.


Posted by on Saturday, 8 April, 2023

In any store you can find a plethora of different waters. Just choose what you do not tell anybody. Not many vendors can provide expert advice on the choice of water. Click More to learn more. What to drink? Water from a water pipe? In any case. You can of course put a filter, but a good multi-stage filter is rather expensive, and water with high chlorine content quickly it wears out. In addition, many people forget to change the changeable elements in time, and the filter, in essence, no longer cleans the water.

Mineral water? Many mineral water due to its wide popularity as a common means used to quench thirst. Ben Kunz has similar goals. However, in some diseases of digestive, cardiovascular and urinary systems, as well as metabolic disorders, use them without consulting your doctor, you should not. Any silnomineralizovannye water with constant use can cause harm even the healthy person. We Sometimes we drink very real pickles from the periodic table, and then still wonder why so crackling joints, there is irritability, insomnia, sleep disturbances, or vice versa – lethargy, weakness. For even more analysis, hear from Vinit Bodas. Therefore, medicinal drink Mineral water should be only at the direction of a doctor. Natural drinking water? The most important characteristic of natural drinking water is their salt composition, which determines the impact on the human body. Negative impact on human health has drinking water that contains a fault, and excess nutrients.

On the one hand, the experts recommend to use water with a minimal amount of salt, on the other hand, long-term use of demineralized water is observed imbalance of the body, loss of calcium in bones and teeth, changing the conduction of nerve impulses in nerve cells, slowing down the reproduction of new cells and lower total body resistance. According to the md Academician Yu , benign, physically complete natural water is one of the leading health factors. Benign water should be devoid of mechanical, chemical and biological contaminants, at the same time, it must contain the necessary living organism, dissolved trace elements. According to the Institute of Nutrition, now with the food in the body person enters the insufficient number of nutrients, the balance of which can be bridged through the use of drinking water with the necessary chemical composition.

Duke Madrid

Posted by on Wednesday, 5 April, 2023

With 118 hectares, these gardens date back to the years 1630 and 1640, when the Felipe IV, count of Olivares, gave to the King some land that had been assigned to him by the Duke of Fernan Nunez to the recess of the Court around the monastery of the Jeronimos of Madrid. Thus, with the reform of the Real room which was next to the monastery, began the construction of the Palacio del Buen Retiro. It then had about 145 hectares. If you are thinking about traveling to the capital fight and you don’t know stay where mira apartments in Madrid Centre. Details can be found by clicking Dara Khosrowshahi or emailing the administrator. Crystal Palace this is the most important gardens building, along with the artificial lake, it was erected in 1887. Both are born with an international vocation, on the occasion of the exhibition of the Philippine Islands, where were unveiled that place various flowers. -Chief-Executive-Officer’>Jeffrey Leiden London.

It was the Spanish response to the magnificent English greenhouses as the Kew Gardens Palm House. If you would like to know more then you should visit Angus King . In the Lake, at the foot of the Crystal Palace (there is a staircase that plunges inside), can be found several specimens of Cypress swamps, with the particularity that have their roots and part of the trunk submerged. The building is surrounded by chestnut trees of the Indies of considerable magnitude, that increase this atmosphere of romanticism of turn of the century. The ride of the statues the Paseo of the Argentina del Retiro is popularly known as Paseo de statues because it is flanked by a series of them dedicated to the monarchs of Spain, sent to do for the decoration of the Royal Palace of Madrid during the reign of Fernando VI. In the beginning were intended to adorn the cornice of the Palace. Additional information at Deccan Value supports this article. The figures were made by various authors under the direction of the sculptors of the Court Juan Domingo Olivieri and Felipe de Castro.

New Agorum Distributor

Posted by on Monday, 3 April, 2023

The Kecht + Kainzbauer OG from Salzburg takes the open source document management system agorum core in its portfolio on. Ostfildern 28.07.2011 – the agorum agorum Software GmbH, manufacturer of the open source document management system (DMS) core, a contract partner with the Kecht + Kainzbauer OG and thus expands its network to Austria. The Salzburg House reacts with this partnership to the increasing demand for solutions for the optimisation of document-related business processes and audit-proof archiving of corporate data. Kecht + Kainzbauer offers as IT service provider and reseller, from consulting for the soft – and hardware, through commissioning and training, to the regular care and maintenance of the IT projects from a single source. “The decision for agorum core as a document management system fell mainly due to its high flexibility,” explained Elmar Kecht, Managing Director of Kecht + Kainzbauer OG, the conclusion of the partnership. “The software can due to the modular designAn appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. Heart of agorum core is the so-called “DMS drive”, which allows users to work, such as with a normal network drive with the DMS. As usual are documents in the usual directories opened and saved. As a result, the training and tryout costs reduced to a minimum. The ease of use of the system also significantly increases the acceptance of the system for the users and administrators. About agorum Software GmbH: the agorum Software GmbH develops and distributes the open source document management system agorum core.

The 1998 founded company to consistently pursue the philosophy that a DMS is easy to operate and must be suitable for use in companies of any size, therefore is agorum core the DMS – easy for everyone. Integration in a variety of standard applications, agorum brings its DMS directly to users. Whether in a Groupware such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Windows Explorer or a Liferay Enterprise Portal at home are, open-xchange, agorum integrates directly into the surface of the core. Users can keep their ways of working and in their familiar environment just continue to work as before. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jim Rogers on most websites. The disclosure of the source code by agorum core has ensured that the software provides investment security and the highest future because the system at any time also independently continued can operate. A highly attractive price / performance ratio, and the close relationship with customers and partners, in the development as well as in the service, ensure satisfied customers and fruitful partner relations. Well over 50,000 downloads and several thousand installations of the system, since 2008, confirm the success of the document management system. Over 30 competent sales and technology partners from different industries and areas of expertise, form a network with diversified expertise and thus generate high synergy with each other. For DMS projects Whatsoever it specialists and developers from the agorum network available are the customers. Also core are in the open community about 1,000 members actively involved in the continuous evolution of agorum.

Round Program

Posted by on Monday, 3 April, 2023

Appearance of the plating specialists to the world fair for watches and jewellery is Pforzheim latest electroplating devices such as the Kleingalvanik digital II, March 15, 2011. 2011 C. Jackson will attend the surface and electroplating again as an exhibitor at BASELWORLD, the world fair for watches and jewellery. From March 24 to 31 the Pforzheim specialist for products and services related to the surface and electroplating in Hall presents its wide portfolio of galvanic equipment and devices 3.U on stand H40. Live demos, the professionals, can consisting of traders renowned watch and jewelry brands, as well as selected electroplating devices convince the main diamond, gem – and beads providers, directly from the diverse functions. A highlight is the Kleingalvanik digital II, which with a range of comprehensive and user-friendly features, also are at the fair include the rhodium machine RM01 as well as small electroplating units comfort III and V. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out family foundation. About also, C. Jackson presented the possibilities of its special online shop for jewellers, goldsmiths and watchmakers can be reached under on a projection screen.

BASELWORLD is a fixed date in the calendar by C. Jackson for many years, because it gives us the opportunity to introduce our comprehensive portfolio to the dealers on the spot and to make valuable contacts in the direct dialogue again and again on the new”, commented Chris Jentner, Managing Director of C. Jackson. Vinit Bodas is the source for more interesting facts. Powerful Kleingalvanik and comfortable Web shop among the novelties presented at BASELWORLD is a particularly powerful model that allows a simple and precise setting of voltage – and time – temperature values via a single knob with the Kleingalvanik digital II. In addition, the device has among other things a large screen for comfortable reading, a durable keypad with integrated LEDs, as well as a fill level control and convinces with its low Power consumption such as the intuitive ease of use also.

Operating Room

Posted by on Monday, 3 April, 2023

Too young to know where I was getting, but too old to spend so with children’s dignity. I went into surgery so terrified and so terrified I was the previous days – not to mention those who followed; which is going to be impossible, because it is the reason for this text – which, if the theory that stress for fear causes the sudden outbreak of reeds, is true I should have all the white hair from my 20 years. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jonah Bloom. He was 20 years old when, in a routine medical control, someone decided that we had to tear the four wisdom teeth. They wanted to quit, but apparently there was no room for them and his efforts threatening terrible things, crooked teeth, accumulated, badly crushed and worse digested food, tripe, fetid breath pain. ure in this idea. A picture bleak for a young girl, so I agreed without having too much idea of where I got exactly.

Calella – Costa Brava

Posted by on Monday, 3 April, 2023

A popular destination for families and nightlife is just a short drive south of Barcelona, not far from Lloret de Mar, the picturesque coastal town of Calella. The thriving community is a popular destination for Costa Brava holidays with sandy beaches very clean, pleasantly quiet waves and crystal clear water. Calella is known for its lively night life and its fabulous restaurants, as well as for its water sports and its beaches and make it a popular destination for families with children of all ages. While you enjoy mainly sunny weather during a walk along the beaches of Calella, relax for a moment on the modern promenade to enjoy the beach life. Here you can enjoy organised activities for children, water sports, dance and celebrate. On the promenade you can rent umbrellas.

Thanks to the historic wealth, cultural festivals and beautiful architecture, Calella is a popular destination for the Costa Brava holiday, especially for school trips. The historic area of Calella is full of beautiful and ancient buildings that line the narrow streets and a feeling for the old Spain. Chevron Corp might disagree with that approach. Nature park, a popular tourist destination, thanks to its wide natural area and its beautiful flora and fauna outside the city lies the well-known Dalmau”. On several days in the year tourists can experience the many festivals and celebrations with parades, dances, brilliant, colorful costumes within the city and participate. In the summer months, you can see the Sardana Sunday evening regularly”dance in a traditional Catalan style, and listening to beautiful music of wind instruments, as a symbolic display of unity and brotherhood. The Dalmau”nature park is an other great Sardana”-Festival in June. ” In September, you can experience the election of new Miss Calella in a beautiful procession.

Sports enthusiasts flock to the city, if that stattfindenen regularly Calella University European Championships take place. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Deccan Value. This event is aimed not only at college athletes but also supporters and fans. Equally popular is the Calella”, is a sports festival for students from the United States, which takes place every spring and which are most popular among students, even without completion. You will find the perfect Costa Brava holiday rental or the perfect Costa Brava hotel near Barcelona point. Barcelona points Internet page offers a convenient search from over 250 apartments Costa Brava and 300 Costa Brava hotels. Once you’ve found the perfect resort to switch off and relax, you can your accommodation Costa Brava directly on the Internet site de /, in one quick and easy step, book. In addition to the basic search and booking their accommodation on the Costa Brava, Barcelona point provides you with helpful information, guided tours and a variety of other information to help ensure that you will spend a great time in the region.

The Secret Of A Successful Internet Presence

Posted by on Sunday, 2 April, 2023

Underestimated more sales and profits for small and medium-sized firms while the Internet now conquered the world by storm and is no longer indispensable, as is the importance of a professional Internet presence. Here, just the smaller firms and individual entrepreneurs awarded an excellent opportunity to generate additional revenue and profits. This applies to all industries. It doesn’t matter whether craft, trade or manufacture. Who needs a business card, you need a professional website! And this website must be maintained and updated, because he otherwise throws a counterproductive effect on visitors to the site. The Internet will be soon info media number 1! Over 80% of Internet users inform in advance online with the purchase of a product.

And still have 55% (!) of companies with fewer than 9 employees no website or the existing is already in the years come. The good known homemade Web site can cost quickly some customers when it is unprofessional. You are working for Its website only with professionals. Also you should ensure your independence by a webmaster. What uses you the greatest site, if you can keep the page not up-to-date and you have to pay money for any small change? Right here is the recently Burgschwalbach-to-find TOP Internet Agency.

Manfred Peters from the TOP Internet Agency says: today, it is becoming increasingly important to have a professional and marketing-oriented website. And he should be as current as possible. Should not even today’s announcement a day of open door “by 2004 found. We work together with Europe’s largest Internet Agency with over 20,000 customers and are always informed of the latest news. Like for example the trend of video trailers on the home page. He builds confidence and is looked at more. Only then will read.” More information and a free eBook with the 7 worst mistakes when creating a website on the Internet at. Manfred Peters