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Very Productive Blogger

Posted by on Sunday, 19 January, 2014

We are all busy people. Bloggers in particular. A blog is something that usually we started in our free time to have a full-time job, family, friends, commitments of life, etc. It is good to see a lot of people build a Blog to take advantage of the opportunity afforded him in his development, but also very sad seeing as most let die your blog to a life full of bustle and commitments worldwide have 24 hours in a day: say we sleep 8, other 8 work, and there are still 8 hours. So I’m going to ask how to leverage those 8 hours remaining? this is key so I’m going to talk to you a little bit of the 80/20 principle and how you can use it to improve productivity in your Blog. We have all heard ever about the principle 80/20 also works for Blogs: 80% of value that you get from your blog, comes from 20% of things you do harness the power of the 80/20 principle will lead to an explosion in the productivity of your Blog and you much closer more to achieve the objectives you have set for the. And Furthermore It will allow you to have more time for your job, your family and other commitments.

It identifies that 20% productive. See the forest and not the tree. It identifies 20% of your efforts on your blog that produces 80% of the results that these taking. Then adjust your approach and invests all the time that you can have in that 20% and fails to do the other things. You focus on the things that produce you really fantastic results and not waste time with things that are unproductive and irrelevant to make your blog successful. Learn how you can better use your time and your energy is more important than work and push yourself more, or even complaining about not having time. Less is more, so says the proverb. Having a successful blog only depends on you and how your efforts to how he approaches a backup to WordPress Kebrantin as do a blog in wordpress What is Web 2.