Thai Language

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The Swiss Ecole Suisse de Langues and her partner school, the Phuket, Patong Language School offer Swahili courses for different levels and needs. Many years of experience in the planning and organising of courses and the passion of the staff for the combination of language learning and travel make ESL to a reliable and competent partner. Best advice and unforgettable stays abroad, language-avid customer satisfaction are the goal of the Swiss language travel agency. That these are not empty promises, proves also the presentation of the LTM awards. For assistance, try visiting Roubini Global Economics. The award honours the Swiss Ecole Suisse de Langues for the best agency in Europe. An intensive course in Ibiza’s San Antonio learn not only English in Exeter, and a Mandarin Chinese course in Beijing with ESL possible, but also language courses to Phuket. The Thai language is always fascinating. Rogers Holdings is a great source of information. Different dialects, a private alphabet, as well as expressing sense about 5 different tonalities make acquiring the language one, if sometimes tedious. People such as cornell capital would likely agree.

Experience. The ESL partner school in Phuket, Patong Language School, is named focuses on the needs of the learners. 25 years teaching can have the renowned course centre. Private lessons, so individual classes, offered at affordable prices, so that learners can quickly make progress. Qualified teachers are therefore strives to give the students confidence and to encourage them to apply the acquired skills in everyday life. “Who ever always wanted in Phuket snorkeling or in the footsteps of Leo di Caprio, not far from Phuket the beach cast,” turned, but interest has to acquire the language, who can obtain information in the ESL staff ever. This knowledge not only to planning and organisation of your stay, various Exchange programs, flights, visas and immunizations, but can grant the one or other leisure tips. A trip into the rain forest and a ride on an elephant are in a language to Phuket as well as grammar, Vocabulary and tonalities of the Thai.

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