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La Carlota

Posted by on Friday, 31 May, 2019

Few meters ahead, turning just to the right, on the corner facing, is the tile museum, which contains an excellent and varied collection of tiles of time. A few metres further on, we find the opposite end of the passage of the flowers, turn left, crossing its staggered roadway and left again at the Paseo de San Gabriel, looking at the back of the Hotel Plaza Mayor. 30 meters further on turn right and climb down Beach Street until street trade. In front of us we find the Paseo del Sol. Sacramento restaurant and Gallery of the walk allow us to upload to your roof and having one of the best views of the river and its islands. Descending we walked the Beach Street until Calle Real.

Here you will find general Ramos, La Carlota, place of filming of the movie store: that is not spoken, with Marcello Mastroianni. At this intersection of streets shown, West (towards the river) Portuguese street of the 17TH century, to the North (towards main), street Spanish 18th century and to the East and South (Center of the neighborhood) Creole streets of 19th century. (Not to be confused with read more!). Walking along calle Real, to the right we see the residence of Michael Hinnes, illegitimate son of Jorge IV, King of England, who lived in the city in the second quarter of the 19th century. The tour continues by the latter until the Av. Gral.

Flowers. Without crossing the Flores Av. and by the same, on the left, pass beside the Indian Museum and the Plaza San Martin, in homage to the Argentine laddie. Walking heading to the Marina of Colonia, we visited the Bastion of Santa Rita. On January 6, 1763, from this place, was sunk the famous and important ship English Lord Clive 64-gun by the Spaniards. 50 Meters, we are in the ancient port of Ciutadella. The panorama on the weekends, is enriched with the arrival of sailboats and Argentine cruises in pleasure trip.